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2021 Official Cap Signed

2021 Official Cap Signed

Introducing a truly unique find: Red Flexfit Tommykaira Cap, a limited edition release from 2021, now adorned with the genuine signature of Mr. Tomita. This signed cap is a rare gem, combining the timeless appeal of the Tommykaira brand with the personal touch of its legendary creator.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these caps feature a vibrant red color that effortlessly captures attention. The Flexfit technology ensures a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to wear it with confidence.

What makes these caps truly special is the addition of Mr. Tomita's authentic autograph. Each signature represents a piece of automotive history, making these hats prized possessions for collectors and Tommykaira enthusiasts.

If you desire a truly inique item that encapsulates the spirit of Tommykaira and bears the personal touch of Mr. Tomita himself, don't miss the opportunity to own one of these two signed Red Flexfit Tommykaira Caps from 2021. Embrace the legacy and elevate your style with this extraordinary collectible.


Size: S/M  - 7 1/4inches to 7 5/8inches

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